Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas & Sunday

 One down four more to go!

Yes, that is right.....we have a total of five Christmas gatherings to go to.  We are so busy this time of the year but I love every minute of it!

We had our first Christmas this past weekend at my parents.  We had a late lunch and exchanged gifts with one another.  We all had a good time together.

And some people got to go to Vegas after our Christmas.  They are there now having a good time!  Miss Heather graduated this past weekend and she is now a certified teacher and they went to Vegas to celebrate.

We are all so proud of her and are hoping she finds a teaching job very soon.


Ace's first Christmas was good and he was awake the entire time.  He just laid in his bouncy seat and watched everything that was going on. 

He was so tired that he sleep through the night Saturday night.  He ate and went to bed around 10:00 and didn't wake up until 7:45 the next morning.  It was so nice to get a good nights rest.

Ace did sneak in a little cat nap on Chels and he looked very comfortable.


Miss Aydrie had a good time too.

She loved opening her gifts and like the wrapping more than the actual gift.

She got lots of cute clothes and we can't wait to wear them all!!

She is such a sweetie.

Austin had fun passing out gifts and loved everything he got!

He is loving these new boots he got.  He has worn them the past two days! I am loving them too!

He also got this cool new game.  I love it when he gets games for Christmas and he usually gets a couple of new ones every year because we all get to play them.

We all loved playing this game and I am sure we will be playing it again very soon.

Me and Heather made these cute outfits for Miss Lillie Kay.
She came up with the design and I put them together.   Then she got these really cute bows made to match the shirts.  I think they turned out really cute!

Everyone had a great time and I am ready to spend more time with the family this weekend!

Sunday we all got up and got dressed and headed to the mall.


 We were supposed to be getting some last minute Christmas gifts but we ended up at this store instead.


Their little book has been sitting on Adam's night stand for months now.  I guess he got the hint...haha and this is what I got for Christmas.

I started out with all glass beads, one for each child.  I got a green one for Austin because green is his favorite color, a pink one with little pink hearts for Aydrie because it was very girly and a white one with little blue polka dots for Ace because he is our little one.  I love it so much!!  And I couldn't wait till I am already wearing it!

We also enjoyed lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.


I think this is our new favorite place to eat!


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