Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

 Christmas Day we were very busy.  We got a very late start this year.  We were supposed to get up and do our Christmas together at home and then go to Adam's parents for breakfast around 10:00.
Well, Adam and I over slept.  We got up to feed Ace around 5am and then fell back to sleep.  Austin has always woke us up on Christmas morning to see what Santa has brought.
This year he decided to just look to see what Santa brought and let us sleep. So, him and Miss Aydrie had a look at what Santa brought and then sat in the living room and watched TV until we woke up at 10!  Poor Austin I am sure he was dying to get into his Santa stuff!
So, when we got up he was ready to get into everything.  I can't believe he didn't wake us up.  So, we were about two hours late for breakfast.

Santa brought Aydrie and Ace a pillow pet.

Aydrie checking it out...she likes it!

Ace is trying to figure out if he likes his. 

I am sure he will when he gets older.


Aydrie also got this little shopping cart and she loves it!! I think this was her favorite thing this year.  She pushes it all around the house.  So, she is a busy little shopper these days.

 Austin got lots of goodies too.  His favorite things this year are his Wii games he got and his Harry Potter DVD Set.


So, After we did our Christmas and Austin got a chance to look at what Santa brought we went to Adam's parents and had a very late breakfast and had our Christmas with them.

April bought all the kids matching jammies.  Aren't they cute??


After we took some pics in our matching jammies it was time to exchange gifts.  It was so fun to watch the kids open their gift.  Austin loved everything he got.  Aydrie was much to busy to even open any of her gifts.  Ace was to little but enjoyed watching everyone.  Jayden was too funny.  He had the best time opening his gifts and loved every thing he got.  He also loved opening every one elses gifts...he was very helpful and helped open some of Aydrie's and Ace's gifts. 

After we were done there we headed to my moms to do Christmas with my Dads family.


 Austin, Aydrie and Ace with their GreatGrandma.


After we had our Christmas there we headed back over to Adam's parents and had dinner with them and let the kids play with their new goodies.

We had a very busy Christmas Day but it was so fun!!


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