Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Fun

It all started Friday with a trip to the candle store.  We went to visit our favorite local candle store that has the best smelling candles. If you want you can check them out here.

This week we got Dickens Christmas.

Then we headed to our new favorite restaurant.

It was crazy busy but so worth the wait.  I didn't have my camera with me so the only pic I have is one my mom took of Aydrie with her phone.

This pic is so funny!

This picture didn't upload good at all but it was so funny.
  Me, mom and Heather were all talking and then look over and Aydrie was just sitting there stuffing her mouth with this tortilla.  We all died laughing and so did she as you can see.  I guess we weren't feeding her fast enough.

Saturday Adam had to work and Jared was at the deer lease and we didn't feel like sitting at home.
So, we all decided to do a little shopping.

Me and Heather ready to go.

Aydrie was very happy she was going shopping!

Ace looks so thrilled.

We made a day out of it and had fun going in and out of these fun stores.

We also enjoyed at late lunch here.

Miss Aydrie looking cute as always!

Austin didn't want to join us for our fun day so when we got home he was ready for some time with Ace.

Sunday we all went our separate ways and all did a little resting for the week ahead.  I just love the weekends I spend with my mom and sister.  We always laugh and have the best times together but we have twice as much fun when we visit this lovely lady and also her lovely daughters (who don't like to take pics).

  We are planning our annual Thanksgiving weekend with her and I am sure she can't wait!


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