Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seven weeks old

This little guy is seven weeks old today.

I took this picture right after he got out of the bath so his hair is nice and clean and sticking straight up.  I can brush it down and it still sticks straight up. At least his hair isn't as crazy as his sisters was.

Aydrie's hair did the same thing but her hair was longer.

After our weekly picture we changed and got warm and cozy and have been laying on the couch ever since.  Aunt Chelsea came by to see us and I don't think either of us moved. Well, I guess Ace did but not me. Chelsea is ready for her little one to get here.  She still has a way to go but he or she will be here before we know it.  They will find out what they are having next month. I can't wait to find out if it's a boy of girl.

Gosh it is hard being this little.

Don't worry he wasn't up set for to long...he was just a little fussy because he was getting sleepy.

I could lay with this little one all day every day!


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