Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hanging out

This sweet little girl got to hang out with me and Ace today.  She got to leave school early because she had a doctors appointment.  Adam was able to take her and after wards dropped her off with us.

She had to get the second part of her flu shot and Adam said she didn't even cry.  But it was a different story after Adam left from dropping her off with us.  She got upset and stood at the door and cried for him.  She just loves her daddy but it didn't take long to cheer her up.  

So, the rest of the afternoon we got to hang out and have fun.



 Aydrie enjoyed hanging out with her little brother and pushing him in his swing.  I had to make her stop because she was having too much fun but Ace didn't seem to mind.  
He was fast asleep.

It is so funny to see the way she acts towards Ace. Sometimes she gets curious and will come and see what me and Ace are doing and will want to pat and love on him and other times she could care less.  Most of the time she is worrying about where her daddy is or watching her Nemo.


 When Austin got home from school he decided he needed some little brother time to even though it didn't last too long.  He is such a good big brother to both Aydrie and Ace.

I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday! I hate how fast these weeks are going by.
I wish I could make them slow down.


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