Friday, October 29, 2010

One month

Ace Brady you are one month old. 

You are wearing newborn diapers and still wearing newborn clothes.  I have started to put you in your 0-3 months clothes because we don't have a big variety of newborn clothes and the 0-3 months just swallow you.  I didn't think you would need newborn clothes but I was wrong. 

You were weighed about two weeks ago and you weighed 6lbs 14oz.

You are a good eater when you want to be. We are now giving you 3 1/2 ounces of formula and some times you will eat all of it and other times you will not. When you do eat all of it you will eat every 4 hours.  Some days you have bad days where you don't finish your bottles and we are eating more often. Hopefully we will get on a better schedule.

You are sleeping in our room and will probably be in there for a while.  It is so easy to have you in the same room with us. You are sleeping well in your bassinet.  Sometimes you fall asleep in your newborn lounger and  I let you sleep in it right next to me. You seem to really like it. 

We are still working on your sleep patterns. Some days you get your days and nights mixed up and you will wake up for your first feeding at night and stay up for a couple of hours. You prefer to sleep during the day. We need to work on that.

You make the funnest noises when you sleep.

You like your little lamb seat and love your swing.  You like to lay in your newborn lounger.

You do not like tummy time.

You are loving your paci.

We never hear a peep out of you unless you are hungry and some times when you are sleepy you get a little fussy. 

We all love you so much and can't imagine our life with out you now!



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