Thursday, October 21, 2010

Austin's Second School Dance

A little late but better late then never. 

On Friday, October 15th Austin had another school dance.  I don't know if I like him going to school dances and growing up so quickly.  I would prefer he stay little and continue to hang out with his mom.

Before Austin went to the dance I got a couple of pictures.

I tried to get a picture of all three of them but that is so hard to do these days.  Aydrie has a mind of her own and wants to look and do what ever she wants to do and I can hardly get her to be still for a picture.  Either she is not looking at me or has her hands in her mouth. Austin likes to fake smile and cheese way to big.  I am lucky he even agrees to take pictures.

 So, this is what I got.

This one just makes me one is looking at me....but it turned out to be a cute pic!

I am loving these shoes!  I think we all need a pair.

We are all lovin Baby Ace!! Isn't he the cutest!

I am having their pictures done this weekend and I am hoping we can get at least one good picture of all of them together.  One good one is all I am asking for!!  Also, I am hoping the weather holds up for us.  They are calling for a chance of rain. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it holds off until after we take their pictures.


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