Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hello.... we are so excited to be revealing our new blog! This blog will be about peace, love, and 2 sisters!  

We always look at cute blogs and think.... "How fun would it be to blog!" So here it is! This blog is going to be about the many adventures my sister and I take together. We love attempting new crafts and ideas, and trust me we ARE NOT experts in the craft department. We are usually out shopping for our next project (or just for ourselves).... so it will be here that we talk about things we have seen, new things going on in our life's, or just anything that comes to mind.
Big sister- Courtney. She has a wonderful family including 2 children and one on the way. We expect Baby Ace to be here on Tuesday the 28th, so we can all look forward to that post! She was married to her amazing husband in June of 2001.

Big brother Austin and big sister Aydrie are extremely excited about baby Ace coming into the world! :)

Courtney and Heather are 8 years apart! Now that we are both in our 20's you would think we were the same age! We get a long great, and love to spend time with each other. There's no better friend than a sister! We look A LOT alike, and even get asked if we are twins on many outings. It's hard for us to see the resemblance, but maybe you will.

Court on the right, Heather on the left!

About Heather.....
Heather is a a full time college student who also has a full time job and a life! All these things together equal no time left over! HOWEVER, there is light at the end of the tunnel. She will be graduating in December with her Bachelors degree and a certification to teach Kindergarten through 6th grade! We are both so excited about what is to come in her future!  

Come back to see us again!

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