Thursday, January 6, 2011

80 Degrees In December

 My last week of my maternity leave Austin and Adyrie were out of school for Christmas break.  I got to hang out with them all week.  That Tuesday before I went back to work it was like 80 degrees here so we decided to take advantages of it and get out of the house.  So, we ended up at the park. It was a very nice day and we were the only ones there.  Austin and Aydrie got to enjoy the warm weather while Ace stayed in his stroller. 

We were having a good time until some bees decided to mess with us.  I am a big wimp when it comes to bees and I am always scared they are going to sting. So, after about 45 minutes of dodging the bees we called it a day and headed home. 

When we got back home it was like 79 degrees in the house so we turned on the AC for a bit. I can’t stand to be hot and uncomfortable.  So, we kicked on the AC in December.  And then the next day is was cold again so the heater was turned on.  
Crazy Texas weather!!
So, here are some pics from our (short) visit to the park



They had a good time!


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