Big Sis

Hello…I’m the big sister, Courtney. 

I am married to my high school sweet heart and we have three little ones.

I love love love shopping, blogging, crafting, summer, family vacations, taking pictures, animal print, lifetime movies, mexican food, unsweet tea, peanut butter, hearing my kids laugh and most of all spending time with FAMILY.

I have learned over the years that no matter what - your family will always be there for you… so you better treat them right!

I have the best sister in the world and I don’t know what I would do with out her. She really is my best friend!

My three little ones keep me very busy.

Austin is our oldest and is such a great big brother.  Aydrie and Ace are really lucky to have him as a big brother.

Aydrie is our little sweet heart and is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. Her life isn’t the easiest but she hangs in there and works so hard to accomplish the simplest things. 

You can learn more about her here and here.

Ace is our littlest and we couldn’t image life with out him now.  He fits in so well and completes our family. 

My sister and I started this blog because we thought it would be fun and it’s a great way to record life moments. So, here we are and we are having so much fun!

We love comments and hearing from our readers so don’t be afraid to follow us, comment, or send us an email. 

We hope you enjoy our space and will keep coming back!

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