Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year for Halloween we had the family over and past out candy. 

This was our second year doing this and it works out perfect for us.  The kids get to dress up and they will go to a couple of houses then we spend the rest of the night passing out candy.  I love seeing all the little kids dressed up.  The weather was perfect.  We sat outside for a little while and passed out candy then it got to chilly for us so we went inside and passed out candy the old fashion way letting the kids ring our door bell.

This year we had a gypsy and captain america.


We had a little extra person this year.  It was Knoxy's first Halloween and he was a little skeleton.

He is just growing up to fast!


Ace kept walking down the side walk and then back up and trick or treating over and over again.  He is so funny!


Helping himself to the candy.

We also had an iron man stop by.

And a sweet little Anna.
Olaf was to busy with his candy to take a picture. He was so cute!

This is how they spent most of the night. Passing out candy to all the trick or treaters.

 It was a fun night and I am so glad I got to see all my little people!   They sure were cute!

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