Thursday, October 30, 2014

Weekend Fun

This past weekend we got to hang out with Parker Wilson!  He is such a character and so fun!  While I got dressed Saturday morning the boys set in the bathtub and played.


We went to a jewelry party, ran to Target with my mom and Yaya, then went to a wedding later that night.  These boys were so good.


All three of the boys dressed up for the wedding.

Ace's favorite part about going to a wedding is the CAKE!  We had to try both cakes.

Ace talked about the wedding girl all night and he finally got a picture with her.  She was so pretty.  Ace said she was a princess. He called her the wedding girl not me.  Funny story.... me and Yaya were talking about what we were going to wear to the wedding  and Ace suggested that Yaya just wear her wedding dress.  We had to explain to him that the wedding girl would probably be upset if Yaya showed up in her wedding dress. He is so funny!

Sunday we went to a cookout at my uncles and spent the day  with my dad's family.  Always a fun time with that bunch!


It was a fun weekend!


Dianna said...

It was great seeing y'all this weekend! Love the 'wedding girl' story

Courtney and Heather said...

Thanks Dianna! It was going seeing y'all!! ~Courtney

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