Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Beach Day

On our first beach day we got up bright and early and me and the boys headed down to the beach before breakfast. The last time we went to the beach Ace was only nine months old. So, to him this was like his first time to go. He was so excited.

We had been talking about our vacation months before we went so he was ready to see what it was all about.  He still talks about this trip today. He wants to go back.

After breakfast we all go dressed and hit the beach.

Aydrie loves the water so she had a great time!  We would put her in her floaties and take turns taking her out into the water.  Then would get out and relax in the shade. She even got down in the sand a couple of times and played with her brother.

Ace loved the beach! I was kinda nervous about how he would react to the sand but it didn't bother him one bit. He loved playing in it.

This little one did so good! He had his own little spot all set up and enjoyed napping at the beach. Yaya would take him to the beach for an hour or two then they would go back to the room to relax.  I am so glad they decided to go with us!  I loved spending a week with this sweet boy.


Everyday we would get up in the morning, go to the beach for a couple of hours, then go up for lunch and then go back down.

I took pics with my phone and my little camera but I barely have time to blog these days so these are all from my phone. If I ever find the time I will post the pics from my camera. I am just not sure when that will be.

But for now iphone pics will do.  More to come...

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