Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Beach Day Two

We did the same thing our second day at the beach.  We got up bright and early and hit the beach.

Here was Knox's set up for the week.  He had it made in the shade.

Aydrie Rose looking cute on her second day at the beach. It was bright for her but she still loved it.

Oh, these two. I wish I could freeze frame time and just keep them this little.  They loved playing in the sand.  I loved watching them have so much fun playing in the sand and water.

We sat in the shade a lot and had snacks. The beach makes you so hungry.

We decided to go out to eat this night.  We went to our normal spot Pineapple Willy's.  It takes forever to get a table at this place and the parking is horrible. Lucky for us we were close enough we could walk and avoid the whole parking thing.  I am really not sure the food is even worth the wait but the frozen drinks sure are.  It is the whole atmosphere that makes this place fun.

Ace and Knoxy in their matching outfits. They were so cute!

Another fun thing about this place balloon animals/hats or what ever you want to call them. Austin really didn't want one but Ace talked him in to it. This balloon hat is the one the balloon artist had on. Austin liked it.

And Ace he didn't know what he wanted. He ended up requesting a cat or something I can't remember.  He really didn't care, he though it was neat. 

We had another fun day!

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Dianna said...

I love the boys matching outfits! I love coordinating my boys.

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