Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Part Two

Saturday we all got up bright and early and headed downtown to the parade. Austin played in a tennis tournament the same weekend so we had to split up. Aydrie went with the boys to tennis and Ace went to the parade with me.

Ace was so excited to go to the parade. We had been talking it all week.

This little boy was so good.

We saw our clown friend again. He had to stop and look at little Jared. Ace and Lillie couldn't believe the clown knew Knox!

They decided the were big stuff and took a picture with him. Haha! This was after the clown over heard us say my nephews name. The clown said hi to Parker and Lillie couldn't believe the clown knew her little brothers name. They are to much fun!!

Parker is getting so big!

Lillie looking cute in her sunnies.

Ace and Lillie waving to Minnie Mouse.

These cute clowns were my favorite.

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