Monday, June 30, 2014

Knox Waylon- 2 Months

Baby Knox, you turned 2 months old on June 26th!

You are the sweetest addition to our family and such a good little baby!

You now weigh 12 pounds and 7 ounces and measure 23 inches long! The Dr. says you are a very tall and skinny boy! I am picturing you to grow up like your big cousin Christian. You are still  wearing size one diapers and can now fit into all of your 0-3 month clothes. Mommy loves to dress you in your shorts and a cute t-shirt. You always look like such a big boy!

I think we are hitting a growth spurt! Your appetite has increased and you can barely make it 3 hours to eat 5 ounces. You were eating 5 ounces every 4 hours just a few weeks ago. This growth spurt has you totally off schedule and Mommy is not loving that! So long to our 10-2-6 schedule!

You are still sleeping through the night and Mommy moved you to your crib. You have only spent one night in there so far and did great! Lucky for Mommy, I have a monitor I can see you on any time that I want! Your bedtime routine works wonders and there is no waking you once you are out for the night. Your paci is still your best friend when it's time to go to sleep or take a nap.

Coco and Ace started calling you Knoxy and that has caught on for Mommy too! You are such a smiley little baby and will coo and "talk" to us! You weren't feeling our photo shoot, so I didn't get any of those cute gummy smiles.

You got to go on your first road trip and vacation. We went to Panama City Beach for a week and you did great! Mommy would take you to the beach for about an hour each day and then go back to the room. Mommy didn't get a lot of beach time but we could either be spending our week at the beach or at home by ourselves.

Knox, you are the perfect baby, if you ask me. We love you so much and can't wait to see what you do next! Happy 2 months, Knox Waylon!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Weekend Fun

This past weekend I had a three day weekend. We spent our Friday running around picking up last minute stuff for our trip to the beach next week! We will be spending the week in Panama City Beach! I am so ready for a relaxing week of doing nothing.

Friday night we went to my parents to celebrate Father's Day. We decided to celebrate early so we wouldn't all be running around on Sunday.

The kids got to play in the water and we had s'mores for dessert. It was a fun night!

Saturday night my niece, Lillie, had her first dance recital. It was the cutest thing and she was so proud!

Sunday we celebrated Father's Day at Adam's mom.

It was a fun weekend!

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Part 3

After the parade we headed to the hall for some lunch and dancing. Our lunch was so good!

Ace and Lillie doing some dancing.

After the hall we headed to my bother and SIL house for a polka party. They had a craw fish boil and these two thought they were neat.

Lillie kissing hers. She is so funny!

Sunday we got up and went to watch Austin play tennis. After he was done we went down town where they had different vendors and activities for kids.

A couple if months ago Ace got to ride a pony at Lillie and Paker's birthday party (post coming soon) and we was so upset when the pony had to leave the party. I told him ther would be ponies at polka fest so he was looking forward to this.

He got up Sunday morning and wanted to wear his boots to ride the ponies.

He had a great time!

They also had a little petting zoo that he got to go to. He loved it!

These little piggies were so cute.

Aydrie Rose checking out the animals.

Sweet Knox.

We ended our polka weekend at Yaya and Jared's.

It was a fun long weekend!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Part Two

Saturday we all got up bright and early and headed downtown to the parade. Austin played in a tennis tournament the same weekend so we had to split up. Aydrie went with the boys to tennis and Ace went to the parade with me.

Ace was so excited to go to the parade. We had been talking it all week.

This little boy was so good.

We saw our clown friend again. He had to stop and look at little Jared. Ace and Lillie couldn't believe the clown knew Knox!

They decided the were big stuff and took a picture with him. Haha! This was after the clown over heard us say my nephews name. The clown said hi to Parker and Lillie couldn't believe the clown knew her little brothers name. They are to much fun!!

Parker is getting so big!

Lillie looking cute in her sunnies.

Ace and Lillie waving to Minnie Mouse.

These cute clowns were my favorite.

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