Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Knox Waylon

Baby Knox is here.

He arrived this past Saturday, April 26th at 6:36 pm, weighing in at 8lbs 12oz and 20.5 in long.


He is just perfect! I am so proud of my sister. She is one tough momma. 

Me and my sister before baby.

 Ace brought his Yaya some flowers and Knox a truck. He was so excited to meet him!




I loved seeing my sister become a mommy and look forward to watching Knox grow.


Everyone is home and doing well and just loving baby Knox.

Friday, April 25, 2014


He is coming!! We have a new little person joining our family and I am so excited for my sister!!

Baby Knox is coming this weekend! Heather checks into the hospital tonight and will be induced in the morning.

We all can't wait to see what this little baby boy looks like! He is estimated to be a little under 9lbs, so we shall see.

Yesterday was Jared's birthday so we were hoping baby and daddy would share a birthday but Knox wasn't having that. He wants his own birthday.

So, we celebrated Jared's birthday. It was their last night home by themselves. :)

These two had fun telling knock knock jokes. They made no sense but they would bust out laughing and expect everyone else to also. They entertained us all night!

We have lots of birthdays coming up. Parker will be one next week and Lillie and my mom have their birthdays next weekend!

Ace Brady is so ready to play with baby Knox! I think he is going to be a little disappointed when he gets here. We have been telling him that he will not be able to play when he is first born.

Heather did such a great job on Knox's room. I will have to get some more pics this week and post. I need her to come help me at my house! I still have rooms that need to be finished!

Yay for baby Knox!!

Have a good weekend!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter 2014

This year for Easter my parents decided to have their Easter on Saturday that way everyone would not be running from one Easter to another.

It work put perfect for us because we were able to spend Saturday with my family then Sunday with Adams family.

I once again only took pictures with my cell phone.

We enjoyed a yummy lunch, dyed eggs, had an egg hunt, and enjoyed the pretty day.

We had confetti eggs and these two had so much fun with them. They would smash them on everyone's legs. Haha

The kids got kites in their Easter basket so we flew kites!

It was a fun day!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Fun with Lillie and Parker

One weekend last month Lillie and Parker stayed the night with us.

It was a fun time. Parker was so good. He just played and followed the big kids around.

The only time he cried was when he was hungry. He is such a good baby.

Ace and Lillie had so much fun together.

I walked in Ace's room one time and caught these three jumping on the bed. They were all three having a good time.

It was a fun weekend!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tennis Weekend

This past weekend we pack our bags and headed to Waco for a tennis tournament.

We decided to find a hotel with an indoor pool and make a weekend out of it.

Friday night we went swimming and Ace was so excited! He was a little upset when we left Friday afternoon because he didnt have a swim suit that fit him. I had ran to Walmart the night before to grab him one but it ended up being to big. Lucky for him there was a shopping center on the way and we found him one to fit.

He was so excited to get to swim.

Saturday we watch brother play tennis, did some shopping, ate some good food, watched more tennis and went swimming.

Saturday night we went to dinner and then to a little amusement park with little kids rides and putt putt.

We got to ride a little train.

Ace had so much fun. Big brother was nice and rode some rides with him.

Sunday the rain made us pack up and come home early.

It was a fun weekend!

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