Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Warm and Freezing Weekend

This past weekend the weather was crazy!

Saturday it was nearly 80. So, we got out of the house and ran a few errands then went with Yaya to Target to pick up something for baby Knox. His room is coming together. It is so cute!

This dresser she is using for Knox our Dad built for her when she was born. Very special piece right there.

After Target we went and had lunch and enjoyed a sweet treat.

These two enjoyed their ice cream!

We picked some pretty flowers.

Saturday night we relaxed and played fireman. We had to take a pair of Austins shoes back Saturday morning and this little boy spotted a fireman dress up set and he had to have it. Lucky for him it was half off. So, we played all night.

Sunday we woke up and the temp had dropped into the 30's! We had hair appointments Sunday morning so we went to those and made it home before the sleet came through.

Crazy Texas weather for you.

Ace showing off his hair cut. We got it a little shorter this time and he looks so grown up.

School was closed on Monday and I didn't go into work. We made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then some banana pudding in the afternoon.

Good stuff!

Yes, he is wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt. His pick, not mine. He bugged me all morning to change into shorts so finally I told him okay and he came out of his room with this on.

It turned out to be a nice three day weekend!

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Dianna said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Cooper has the same PJs as Ace.

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