Monday, February 10, 2014

Gender Reveal

So, yes it’s a BOY!!

Yaya and Jared are having a BOY!
Knox Waylon is due on April 25th!
They found out in November and we had a gender reveal party for them the following weekend. They decided not to peek at the ultrasound and wait to find out with everyone else what they were having. I am not sure how she did it! I tried to talk her into a little peek before the party but she would not give in. Ha!
We had the party at my brothers and SIL house. Lots of family and friends joined us for the big reveal. We had a house full! 
We had finger foods and lots of cute little decorations. It turned out perfect!


We made these cute little cards so everyone could share their guess.



These two with their guesses. Ace vote was really for a girl but he picked the boy card because he is a boy…haha.

Me and Chelsea were thinking girl.


The party started at 4:00 and we did the reveal at 5:00.
Everyone was so excited and happy to finally find out what the baby would be!

It’s a BOY!!

It was such a fun night celebrating this little person!

Funny story...Ace's face is so funny in this picture.  He was set on Yaya having a girl and was so disappointed it was a boy. It was too funny!  Fast forward a couple of month and he is so excited about baby Knox!  He has to give baby Knox one of his toys every time Yaya comes to our house. He even gave Knox a pair of his shoes. Haha

Knox Waylon you are already loved by so many!

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