Thursday, January 30, 2014

Weekend Fun

Posting about last weekend before this weekend happens.

Last Saturday we got up and went with Yaya to register for baby.

Isn’t my sister just too cute with her baby bump!

Ace requested snacks before we left the house so we packed him some. He was happy while we were looking and picking out baby stuff.

Aydrie Rose was good like always.

There is so much neat stuff out that I don’t remember having when Ace was a baby. I am just so excited about the stroller Yaya decided on. It is just to neat. I love baby stuff! As the day went on Ace started to ask why Yaya was getting everything. Haha. He is too funny! He enjoyed picking out stuff that he thought the baby needed.

It took a while to register at the first place so after we got done we went and had a late lunch and took our time so we could sit and rest. We were all excited to eat at Chili's because we were going to have some yummy dessert but we were so disappointed when they told us our favorite dessert was taken off the menu!! Paradise Pie is no more! So, we skipped dessert and ended our night at Target and made a stop by Starbucks.

Sunday we got up and had a good breakfast and as we were finishing up we had a little visitor. My brother and Parker stopped by.

Ace helping out his sister.

Parker Wilson! We had fun playing with him. He is getting so big!

We then headed to Yaya and Jareds that afternoon. The kids got to play and had fun!

You know it was a good weekend when this little boy is asleep by 7:30 on a Sunday night!

It was a good weekend!

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