Thursday, January 23, 2014


Just some random happenings going on around here.

Selfie with the family.

Austin downloaded this game on his phone a couple of weeks ago and I cannot stop playing it! It is so addicting and what makes it worse is I have it on my phone and ipad!

It was a good mail week for us a couple of weeks ago. We got our acceptance letter for Aydrie from Scottish Rite Hospital. Can’t wait till our appointment.

Ace Brady talking to baby Knox. He is a mess! He will talk to baby Knox and sometimes when Yaya is leaving he will have to kiss baby know goodbye. I am sure Knox thinks he is crazy!

I got this cute calendar for Christmas and have it at me desk at work.

We have discovered books on the ipad and this little boy loves them.

He got a pair of little head phones for Christmas so he thinks he is big stuff now because bubba got a pair to. He has practically taken over my ipad! The other night he told me he wanted a mini ipad because his friends and Lillie had one and he is sad that he doesn’t have one! What have I created!?

Ace having fun at Yaya's. He was making noodles and was so proud of his little creation with noodles, cotton balls,and sprinkles.

Ace fell at Sherrys one day and the table won. He was so upset and said he needed ice cream. So, we all had ice cream.

Hope you have a good weekend!

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