Thursday, January 16, 2014


Here are just some random pics from my phone. I have like over 2000 pics on my phone! I am trying to delete some but I hate deleting them. I love just looking back at my pictures on my phone. Ace likes to do it to. He will spend forever looking at all my pics and then will ask like 50 questions about them. Ha!

So, before I delete them for good I wanted to put them on here.

I am still trying to get caught up on blogging and we still need to post about the gender reveal party we had back in November for Jared and Yaya. Here are some random pictures from my phone. I will do a post soon with more pics.

Ace Brady has gotten really good at doing puzzles. He got a couple of new ones for Christmas and loves them. I can’t believe he can do these all by himself! He was so proud of his little self here.

He is also in to stickers. He was so happy about this sticker book. This was before his much need hair cut!

Aydrie Rose snuggling with Yaya one weekend.

Us at Kirkland’s one weekend. Ace wasn’t in the mood to take a pic!

I got this cute note board in a gift exchange at Christmas and I don’t know what to write on it? My kitchen is still not done. So, ignore the bare white walls. I am hoping to get the kitchen painted in the next couple of months.

Pikos! I love pikos! I would wear a piko and leggings everyday if I could. They are so comfortable. I am hoping to snag some short sleeve ones for spring/summer too.

Ace Brady reading one of his favorite books “ Love You Forever”. This is one of the sweetest books ever. The first couple of times I read it I couldn’t get through it without crying. My sister has this book at her house and he always wants to take it home. She gave it to him for Christmas and he was so surprised and happy he got his own! Now we read it a couple of times every night.

Aydrie and Ace with Austin. He is such a good big brother.

We have gotten really good a lazy weekends. The cold weather we have been having makes it even easier.

This little boy loves to paint. This little aqua doodle was a gift he got from his Aunt April for his birthday. It was a good gift!

Well, I guess that is all of the random happenings for now.

Hope you have a good weekend! We have a three day weekend, yay!

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