Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we spent at my parents.  Adam had to work Christmas Eve so it was just me and the kids most of the day.  I was lucky and got the whole week off but I was still sad that Adam had to work half a day.

My three before we left the house Christmas Eve


Me and my twinkie!
I saw these love santa shirts on facebook one day but I was not about to pay nearly $45 for them. Well, Heather ended up finding the same shirt for half the price and the place we bought it from was having a special when you bought this shirt you got another shirt free.  I was so excited to finally get it! Haha.   So, we all ended up wearing them on Christmas Eve.

 We sat around and ate and talked all afternoon.  We always have a great time when we get together.
This little boy is getting so big.




The kids had a gift exchange.  They always make Christmas so fun!


This little boy was so proud of this book his Yaya got him!



After the kids exchanged gifts we did a chinese gift exchange. It was fun!  This year was the year of the lion.  Our aunts brought the same gift with out each other knowing. So, when the first lion was opened we all thought is was weird cute little lion and then the second lion was opened and we all couldn't believe their was another one! It was just to funny.  Here is our aunt Donna with one of the cute lions. She is the one that brought it and ended up with one at the end of the night. 
We ended the night all playing heads up on Austin's iphone. Lots of fun with that! 
This is our crazy family and we wouldn't trade them for anything!
 Lots of good memories!

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