Monday, December 9, 2013

Ice Day / Weekend

It has been so cold here the last few days! We were in the 70's on Wednesday and in the 30's on Thursday. Then in the 20's! That is the crazy Texas weather!

We woke up to ice on Friday. My office was closed and school had been cancelled the night before. We didn't get as much as people did north of us but it was enough. I don't do ice! I was so glad my office was closed.

My boys woke up and of course had to go out in it! Me and Aydrie stayed warm at home. We spent our Friday in our jammies watching TV.

We finally had to get out of the house Saturday afternoon. We made a stop by Starbucks and a quick trip to Wal Mart.

We were not gone long and then we came back home. I spent my Saturday night watching life time movies that had been on my DVR forever.

I also played with this little boy! He was so proud of his coloring book/sticker book he picked out. We played stickers for a while.

Sunday was another lazy day. The ice was pretty much gone but it was still so cold. I was off today too so it was a four day weekend for me!

This little boy likes staying home with his mommy! He says he is gonna miss us when we go to work. Sweet boy!

It was a great long weekend!!! Yay for ice days!!

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