Thursday, December 5, 2013


This year for Halloween my family came to our house to pass out candy. My mom came over and made hot dogs for dinner for all of us.
We had a pirate, a little hunter and two Sofia The First princesses.


Ace loves Sofia and when we first started talking about Halloween costumes he told us he wanted to be a pirate and Aydrie wanted to be Sofia. He looks out for his sister. He was so proud when we got their costumes. He was so excited!

These two loved passing out candy. They were a little scared when the big kids would come with a scary costume on but they did good.

We took Ace and Lillie to two houses and then they were done. Which was fine with me I would rather just pass out candy. They didn’t miss out on getting candy because they helped themselves to the candy we had to pass out. Sweet Lillie filled her little bucket with suckers. She picked out nearly every sucker. She is funny!

After we were done passing out candy we went through the goodies neenee and pawpaw brought them. Then we all changed in to our new jammies from them.

It was a another fun Halloween.


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