Sunday, December 29, 2013

Back to work

It's back to work for me tomorrow. I was off the last week and had a great holiday with my family. I am kinda sad Christmas is over but also looking forward to the new year. I ended my Christmas vaca with a fun weekend.

Friday we decided to do some after Christmas shopping. Our brother had called us and asked us to watch Lillie and Parker for him while he went to the deer lease so we had two extra little people with us.

We all piled into my car and started our day.

Before we started shopping we decided to get our bellies full. We had some yummy Mexican food.

After eating we went to a couple of stores. We ended up leaving the mall because it was so crowded and the lines in each store we went to were so long. We were out numbered and decided leaving the mall before anyone had a break down was probably a good idea.

Parker and I hanging out in the car while mom and Yaya ran into a store.

We decided to check out Hobby Lobby before we went home. That store was much better...not crowded at all. After Hobby Lobby we headed home. We decided to have a sleep over at our moms so the kids could play.

Saturday afternoon we decided to run back to the mall and out to eat. Some how we talked my dad into going with us. We went to a couple of stores then out to eat. It was a fun afternoon with the family.

Ace was being silly here and not wanting to take a pic.

Sunday was a lazy day and much needed. The boys raked the leaves while I did laundry and got ready for the week.

I will hopefully be posting about our Christmas fun later this week.

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