Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wedding Randoms Part 3

Wedding Day
Before the wedding we all met at the hall and took pictures. This was after Jared and Heather had their first look photo session done. We had to keep these two entertained which was not easy trying to keep them neat and clean. We had sandwiches and fruit tray for lunch. At this point Ace and Lille were cut off from the strawberries and could only have grapes. They are a mess.

Sweet baby Parker. Look how little he is He has grown so much.

The pretty cakes.

Jared doesn’t like cake. I know…who doesn’t like cake!? So, he had his favorite banana pudding instead of having a grooms cake.

We also had yummy kolaches.  

Yaya and Ace. Ace said Yaya was a princesses. He didn't have time to look a the camera.

Sweet Aydrie Rose.

Austin looking all grown up.

So, hard to get a pic with these two.
The bride and groom.

Cake time

We weren’t ready for this pic but oh well. Her dress was so pretty!

Dancing and more dancing. 

The yummy food!  We enjoyed leftovers the day after the wedding.


All of these pictures are from my iphone so they are not the best. I have some pictures on my good camera that I will probably share later on. But for now this is all the wedding pictures I have.

It was such a fun night and everything turned out perfect.

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