Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Big News

Jared and I have some big news to share....

We are having a baby! 

Little Baby Novy will be here in April and we are very excited and anxious for these next few months to pass. Jared will be getting an extra special birthday present this year, his birthday is April 24th. He insists if the baby is born on his birthday we have to name it Jared Jr. We'll just wait and see how that turns out. 

We broke the news to our family after our first doctor's visit. As soon as we left the doctor, I made Jared take me to find some Tiny Toms. We used my self timer and took the picture that afternoon when we got home. We went to visit all of the family individually and passed out these pictures. I was right around 8 weeks pregnant and they were more than excited to hear the news.

I am just about 13 weeks, and it seems like time is flying by. I've been very lucky and feeling really good. Just very sleepy in the evenings, but I guess I'll get all the sleep I can now. 

So, this is my official 13 week post! I have made it through the first trimester and it is crazy to think that I'm one third through this pregnancy. It seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. 

I went back to the doctor yesterday for my second appointment and all is well with Baby Novy.

13 weeks down 27 to go! 

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