Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Throw It Away

This was a big moment for us so I thought it deserved its own post.
Ace officially said good bye to his paci’s the second week in June. This was a huge deal in our house!
This sweet boy loved his paci so much but it was time to say good bye.
We started in May and then worked on it the whole month of June. At first we would only let him have is paci at bed time and then slowly just stop giving it to him. When he would ask for it we would just change the subject and avoid the topic. We then started laughing and making it a joke when he ask for the paci and then he started to think it was funny to. He would ask for his paci and laugh. I think he knew it was time to give it up to.
We were unpacking boxes at our house and Yaya found all of his paci in a little baggy. Ace couldn’t believe it.
We then all started saying “THROW IT AWAY, THROW IT AWAY” and that is just what he did.

He was so proud.
Funny thing I was unpacking another box a couple of weeks ago and we found two more paci’s. This little boy put one of the paci in his mouth and walked to the trash stood there for minute with the pac in his month  and then threw them away. It was funny!
As of today we are paci free!

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