Friday, August 16, 2013


Happy Friday!
Just some random stuff going on lately I thought I would share. I have tons of pictures on my phone and though I would post before they got deleted.
Saturday night we had a few little visitors. My mom and dad were watching Lille and Parker so they came by for a bit. Ace and Lille always have the best time together.

Parker is such a happy baby. I think he looks like my brother.
After they left Saturday night I caught up on my DVR. I was on one couch and Ace was on the other.  It was a great night.   I really should have been doing something around the house. I have so much stuff to do.
Facetime with Yaya and we had to talk to Bailey.
We had a garage sell last weekend and Heather let me go through her stuff and pick out some things.  These are only a few new items I got from her. I love all of the stuff she let me have! I am still trying to get my house decorated. I still have lots to do but I am not going to stress. It will get done.  I feels like I went to Hobby Lobby.

Ace Brady now has his own room but he has only slept in it once. The first night he was so excited to sleep in his big boy bed but that was only the first night. We are still working on getting him to sleep in there. He tells me his room is too far from mine. So, for now he sleeps in his toddler bed in our room.
Aydrie Rose watching TV on the table.  It is like she know she is not supposed to be doing that.  But hey she wasn't hurting anything.  Sweet girl.

Ace and Parker. Ace loves when Parke comes over.
I watched Lille and Parker one night for a couple of hours. I think they like staying with their Aunt Coco. Haha. I sure do enjoy them.

While Heather and Jared were on their honeymoon we faced time Yaya a couple of times. She gave us a tour of the condo they were staying in and one night there was a rainbow that we got to see.
How did we ever survive without iphones?!? 

Hope you have a good weekend!

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