Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kenny Chesney 2013

We went and saw Kenny in May!

Once again this was something we had been looking forward to all year long. We were worried that his concert may have been the same weekend of Heather and Jared’s wedding but it wasn’t. We were so relieved when they released his concert date that we were going to be able to make it.

My pictures are horrible as I forgot my little camera at home.

We once again made it a girls day and went to our aunts for the night. We enjoyed a late lunch at the same spot we ate at last year and then headed to the concert.

This year Eli Young Band was touring with Kenny Chesney. They used to play in our little ole town when they first started out. We used to go and see them all the time. It was neat to see them.
Eric Church was also there and put on a good show.

Funny thing happened while Eric Chruch was on. We were standing up because that is what people do at a concert and we actually got told to sit down! We were shocked! I guess we set in the wrong section because people on our role and down were standing and the few roles behind us were not! So, they couldn’t see!! The guy that told us all to sit ended up joking around with us all night after Heather set him straight. We didn’t let that ruin our night.
Of course Kenny put on a good show like always!

It was a fun night!
If you missed our past concert post you can read about them here and here.

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