Wednesday, August 28, 2013

J&H Engagement Party Part 1

Well this post is way over due…like over a year but still thought I would blog so we can look back at it one day. And I thought it would be good to post now before we share pics from the wedding.

I had lots of pictures from this fun night so I decided to do two post.
Heather and Jared got engaged July 2012 and we gave them an engagement party in July.

Everyone was so excited and happy.  I think both sides of the family were thinking about the engagement party the day after they got engaged!

Both family’s came together and the party turned out perfect.

Here are some of the decorations.

We had these cute cups made for the night.

Heather made some thank you cards and put this cute set up together.

It was nice to see all the people who came to celebrate with us.

Love this sweet flower girl!

To be continued...

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