Friday, August 30, 2013


Happy Friday!!
Found some more pictures I need to get off my phone. Lots of randomness.
While we were in the process of packing and moving one weekend. We had a picnic in the living room because we didn’t have any furniture. Ace though it was cool.
He also found his little sock monkey hat and said it was cold outside and needed to wear it. It was like 90 plus but whatever makes you happy. Ha!
Jayden graduated kinder and will be a big first grader. He is so proud. I was sad we missed his kinder graduation. His graduation ended up being at an odd time while we were still at work.

Lillie and Parker given me a little smirk. 

We got to watch Jayden play baseball.

Taking a ride in the wagon one weekend at my moms.

One week night we took this little boy out for a treat. He was so proud of that ice cream. 

 Ace and Lillie helping pawpaw in his garden. They love to do this.
Having fun at my parents house one weekend.

Aydrie Rose just being her sweet self! 


Some fourth of July fun!  We went to Adams family on July 3rd and my parents on July 4th.

Heather made this yummy treat for us.

Ace trying to make the best of a day with us girls shopping.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

J&H Engagement Party Part 1

Well this post is way over due…like over a year but still thought I would blog so we can look back at it one day. And I thought it would be good to post now before we share pics from the wedding.

I had lots of pictures from this fun night so I decided to do two post.
Heather and Jared got engaged July 2012 and we gave them an engagement party in July.

Everyone was so excited and happy.  I think both sides of the family were thinking about the engagement party the day after they got engaged!

Both family’s came together and the party turned out perfect.

Here are some of the decorations.

We had these cute cups made for the night.

Heather made some thank you cards and put this cute set up together.

It was nice to see all the people who came to celebrate with us.

Love this sweet flower girl!

To be continued...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Polka 2013

At the end of May we had fun at Polka Fest.
Polka Fest is an annual festival our small town has each year. You can read about our past Polka fun here and here.
We once again had a great time with the family. We got up bright and early on Saturday and headed downtown to the parade. A couple of weeks before some historic building were damaged from a tornado so we were all afraid our little parade was going to get canceled but it didn’t. The parade just had a little detour. Some local business are still trying to recover from that tornado. So, Polka Fest this year went on as normal just a few minor changes.
We all met downtown and watch the parade. I was once again a bad picture taker and only got a few pics on my phone.
These two had so much fun this year. They loved the parade!

They had fun waving and dancing to the polka music.

Poor Aydrie girl just wasn’t having a good day. She really doesn’t like big crowds but she made the best of it.

Sweet Parker at his first Polka Fest.

Ace and Lillie were scared of the clowns and took off running with this clown came to talk to Yaya. Turns out that clown knew Yaya and Jared. It was funny!

After the parade we all went to the hall for a yummy lunch and to listen to polka music.


We then headed to my brother and SIL for a cook-out. It was fun. The only picture I got was of this sweet polka baby.

We ended our polka weekend at one of the halls Sunday night. We all met at my sisters and then went to the hall.
It was another fun polka weekend!

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