Friday, April 26, 2013


Happy Friday!!

A couple of weeks ago we had a surprise sprinkle for our SIL.

We decided the perfect time to have it would be at our monthly girls night. We knew it would be easy to get her there and she would just think it was our monthly family girls night.

I am still surprised we pulled it off.  It was hard not to talk about it while she was around. We invited her friends too. So, they got to join in on the surprise also.

We met up at our aunts that afternoon and got the stuff ready for the party. We made sure KK (Chelsea’s mom) kept Chelsea entertained that day and away from our aunts house.

Most of us had the day off that day so it was easy for us to get together before hand to decorate. We decided to do a mustache theme and it turned out so cute!

Heather made these cute print outs.  Everything turned out perfect! She even made the invite!

My mom mad these cute onesies for Parker.
Jordan made the cutest mini cupcakes.

And KK had these cookies made.

We had tons of yummy food!

Before Chelsea got there we all sat there and talked about what she would think about our little surprise sprinkle. When she arrived she was very surprised!

She had no idea and thought that Jordan just invited their friends to our girls night.
She got this cute shirt! We made her change so she would match the theme. I don’t think she minded.

This shirt was too cute!

Baby Parker got lots of cute stuff!

It was a fun night and we all can’t wait till baby Parker arrives!

Our SIL has been on bed rest for the last couple of weeks and will have Parker Wilson on MONDAY!!

We are all praying for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby boy!

Aunt Coco and Aunt Yaya can't wait to meet our nephew!


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