Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Aydrie turns 9!!

Happy Wednesday!
I promise one of these days I am going to get caught up and post more often.
This past Sunday was Aydrie Rose's birthday. She turned 9!!!

We celebrated with my family on Sunday. We had lunch at my parents and had cupcakes for the birthday girl! Lucky girl gets two birthday celebrations as we will be celebrating her birthday next weekend with Adams parents.

Aydrie enjoyed opening her gifts and she got some really cute stuff! Yaya and aunt Chelsea showed up with the same birthday bag...good thing there was different stuff in the bag! Ace of course had to help!

We sang happy birthday to the birthday girl and she laughed the whole time! She is such a happy girl. Of course I couldn't get a good pic. I think at this moment Ace was throwing a fit because he wanted to blow out the candle all while I am singing happy birthday and trying to take pictures with my crappy iPhone because I forgot my good camera at home! Here Aydrie is looking at me like we are crazy!

After the fit! Yes, I think the terrible twos are here! Lets hope they don't last to long.

Poor Lillie didn't feel good this past weekend. You can just see it in her eyes. I am glad they made it. Sweet girl!

I love this little girl so much and I am very proud to call her my daughter. Sweet girl doesn't have the easiest time but I wouldn't take her any other way. She is one special little girl!

Happy Birthday Aydrie Rose!
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