Monday, January 21, 2013

Three Day Weekend

I started my weekend with a girls night. Us girls in the family have been meeting for a year now! We met up for Mexican food and drinks. It was a nice start to my long weekend.

Saturday we got up early and we did some shopping for my sisters wedding! Now that I think about it we never posted about the engagement party we had for them! I will have to be sure and get that posted before the big day! It will be here before we know it!
This little girl got to tag along!

We met up with our aunt and cousins for lunch and got to see this little cutie!
He is getting so big. Him and Parker are going to be the same age difference as Ace and Lillie. So, Dawson and Parker will have lots of fun together!

Look at that chocolate face!

After lunch we went by a jewelry store and Heather found jewelry for her bridesmaids. I left the store with some new bling! I saw this and thought it was so cute!

We then went shoe shopping and Heather found shoes for her big day. They are perfect! She also helped me find a pair to wear with my dress. While we were shopping my family was enjoying the pretty weather at the playground.

Sunday we had a very lazy day and laid around all day. We ended up making cupcakes. This little boy loves to help!

Monday I was off work and the kids were out of school. We stayed at home all day and I cleaned out closets. It was not really fun but it had to be done! I finally got everyone's Christmas stuff put up. Yeah, I know it took me long enough.

It was a great long weekend!

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