Friday, January 11, 2013

Tennis Weekend

Last month Austin played in his first weekend tennis tournament. It is competitive play you can join and for a small fee you can play in their tournaments once a month. It gives him more practice and us a fun weekend.

We went to his first match…the weather was perfect so we all got to watch him play.
After his match we found a place to eat and a nice shopping center and browsed.

His second match was later in the day so it was a little cooler. Aydrie and I hung out in the car and watched him from there.

Ace was a little upset he couldn’t get out of the car.
After he finally calmed down I bundled him up and he was able to go with Adam to watch Austin. He just wanted to be outside and play. When it was over they came back to the car and Ace came back with a big scratch on this face. He ended up falling face first on the concrete! Why are little boys so rough!?
Austin won his second match so his next match was at 8:00 the next morning. It was already late so we decided to just get a room and stay the night close by that way we would not have to get up at 5:00 in the morning. The only bad thing was we didn’t pack an overnight bag. So, we had to go shopping for clothes…which was fine with me! Haha! We went and got some stuff to wear, grabbed dinner, and went back to the hotel and relaxed the rest of the night.
We got up bright and early Sunday and headed to the tennis courts to find out his match was delayed because the courts were wet! That would be our luck! He finally ended up playing and I took this little boy to the play ground to keep him entertained.

It was a fun weekend and we all ended up with some new jammies and a new outfit!
I have been having trouble uploading pictures to blogger the past week and it's driving me crazy.  I finally found a way to upload them when I am in HTML view but it is not easy.  I am hoping it gets fixed because I have lots to catch up on.
Have a great weekend!

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Amanda said...

SO frustrating. I know SO many people who can't upload. I am doing the "HTML" uploading as well and it is SO time consuming! UGH! Hopefully it will be fixed soon. The kids look so cute! :)


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