Friday, December 7, 2012

What's Happening

Happy Friday!!
What have we been up to???
Well lets see!
We baked lots of sweet goodies for Thanksgiving and these two enjoyed eating them. This was the night before one of our Thanksgivings. They were testing out the cupcakes.
One night Ace was having so much fun he just pasted out on the floor. I was finishing up baking my cookies and I turned around and he was out!
Ace and Macy having fun at my parents.
One Friday night we went to Yaya’s to look at her pretty trees and Ace got to help her decorate. It was fun until he dropped an ornament and broke it and then blamed it on Aydrie. Ha!
Two of my little Turkey’s on Thanksgiving. My oldest Turkey doesn’t like to take pics these days.
I made these shirts all by myself! I still need to post about our Thanksgiving.
We had our annual girls shopping weekend and of course stopped by Starbucks a couple of times throughout our weekend. The kids scored some yummy cookies.
We visited Santa…more about that later.

This little one has discovers stickers and this is where he chose to put them. At least it wasn’t on my furniture.
I finally got my tree up and I love the way it turned out this year. I will share next week.
Well, hope you all have a great weekend!

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