Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ace is Two

This post is way over due but better late than never. I have had this post saved in my drafts for months now.  So, I think it is about time I post it.
Ace Brady turned 2 on September 28th and I still can’t believe we already have a 2 year old!
He weighs 24 lbs and is 33 in tall.
Wearing size 18 months pants and 18-24 tops. And you still wear some of your 12-18 months stuff from last year.
He wears size 6 shoes.
He is in size four diapers still. We have not started working on potty training and do not see that anywhere in our near future. He just has no interest in it at this point.
The paci is still around and I am not stressing over it. At this point he only has it when he is tired or at bed time. We finally got rid of the bottle in July. He just decided he didn’t want it anymore so I am hoping that is what will happen with the paci.
Ace repeats everything he hears and I mean everything. He is talking so much these days.
When he wants to be held he says “I hold you”. I think that is the sweetest thing ever and of course when he does that to me I snatch him right up.
He is also a big helper and likes to help with everything.
He is at the stage where everything scares him. He says “dat scare me”. He has a monkey shirt that I can’t get him to wear cause it scares him. He had a dinosaur shirt he wouldn’t ware till the other day. We were face timing with Heather one night and we said he to Jared and he had his glasses on and he was scared of Jared. He said “he scare me.” We had to convince him that  Jared was not scary with his glasses on. It was so funny!
He loves big trucks, motorcycles, and choo-choo trains. Whenever he sees ones he points them out and sometimes they scare him. LOL  
Ace loves Mickey and has just about everything he could have with Mickey on it.  He likes watching Mickey Mouse club house. 
He knows that when he gets a hair cut that he gets to watch it.
He likes to play with his dinosaurs and cars. He also likes to play ball which makes his daddy very happy.

He is so much fun at this age!  I wish I could keep him this age forever!!

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