Friday, November 16, 2012


Happy FRIDAY!!!  Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving!!???  I can't believe it but I am ready to spend time with our family.

What have we been up to???

Well, lets see what pics I have on my phone.  I so need to start getting my good camera out but these days it is so easy to just take a pic with my phone. 

We carved a pumpkin or Austin did...we just watched him.  I still need to post about our Halloween.  I am hoping to get that done next week before we have Thanksgiving. 


The boys got hair cuts a couple of weeks ago. They both needed them bad.  These days the only way to get Ace to get his hair cut is to let him watch Micky Mouse on my phone.  He ask for it as soon as he sits down. 

I have made two recipes I found on Pinterest I need to share.  You know if I make something it has to be really easy!
Last week our house got hit with the stomach bug.  It was bad!  I am hoping we are done with that for a while.  This little boy was the first to get it.
This past weekend was a lazy one for us.  We stayed at home and I spent my nights watching Lifetime movies with some yummy wine.  I haven't done that in a while so it was nice. 

Aydrie and Ace helped me make brownies. 


I have been looking on Etsy for weeks now at turkey shirts and never did order one so this last weekend I decided I would just make my two turkey's a shirt and I did it all by myself which I am really proud of...usually my mom or sister help me.  I did have a little help from one little boy.

We finally made it to Ace's two year old check up.  Which reminded my I never posted his two year post or pics...just add it to my list of post.

Have a great weekend!

We have our first Thanksgiving Sunday and I can't wait to eat some yummy food!

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Jordan Haskovec said...

I'm bringing the mac & cheese!! :-))

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