Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Yesterday was our dads birthday and we celebrated with hamburgers and his favorite cake.  We all had a good time getting together and celebrating. It was a very special birthday after the little scare we had a couple of months ago. We are all so grateful our dad is with us today.

Of course Ace and Lillie helped him open his gifts. These two had so much fun. We were all saying they are going to love Christmas this year.

After we opened gifts we sang happy birthday and  had cake.  My dads favorite is carrot cake and he got to have a piece on his birthday and he ate every single bite of it.  He did have some help from three little people so we didn't give him to much of a hard time.

Funny story...around our house we talk about upcoming events a Ace's birthday party. We talked about that for weeks before it actually happened and we talked about all the stuff that we did leading up to his hanging his birthday banner.  We have been talking about Papa's birthday for a while now and the other night we were wrapping his gifts and Ace got these two pieces of scrap paper and wanted to hang them on my banner for the birthday party.  Haha!  So, he had to bring the birthday banner to the party and Yaya hung it for him.  This is were he decided it should be. He is to funny!

It was a great night!

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