Friday, November 9, 2012

Girls Weeked

Happy Friday!!  This week has gone by fast for me.  I was off on Tuesday then again yesterday.  Ace came down with a stomach bug on Wednesday and was still not feeling well yesterday so I stayed at home with him and he was just so sad.  I hate when my kids are sick.  By late yesterday he was feeling a little better so I am hoping we have a good weekend and no one else gets it.

This past weekend the guys went to the deer lease so it was just us girls.  We started the weekend out with some goo mexican food and maybe a margarita. ;) 

After dinner we ran by Target to look around.  I ended up spending $20 and leaving with two sweaters and a pretty scarf.  I love Target clearance!  I know these are these are the exact same sweater but for $5 I couldn't pass up.

We ended up staying at our moms on Friday and got up Saturday morning and headed to Canton. was crazy busy and we didn't stay to long.  We usually always go on Sundays and they are never that busy but Heather and mom had plans on Sunday so they couldn't go then.  I will never go back on a Saturday! 

Saturday night we decided to stay at our moms again and had a craft night.  With the time change this past weekend we were up at 7:00 am on Sunday!!  So by Sunday night we were all so tired.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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