A couple of weekends ago we packed our bags and went with the boys to the deer lease. It just so happened to be the coldest weekend we have had yet. It got down to the upper 30’s at night. It was cold. Good thing we had a heater and lots of layers.

Saturday, Austin got up and went hunting with my dad. They saw a couple of deer but the deer one this trip. Once they got back to camp we had a yummy breakfast and then went on a walk while the boys ran to town to get stuff for the lease.

When the they got back we went with the boys to do boy stuff.  Us girls enjoyed the company and the pretty scenery. We spent the day riding around and seeing what all goes on when the boys go to the deer lease. My mom and I decided we would prefer going to her sister’s house, Jayes, over this but it was nice to do something different.
We had to dress in layers to stay warm but by the afternoon the weather was so nice we got to get rid of our big jackets. We walked around and explored a lot. For some reason Ace wanted to be carried everywhere. I think it was too much for him to take in. He did a lot better back at camp.

Aydrie did really well this trip. We brought Dora with us so she felt like she was at home.  Saturday night we enjoyed a yummy dinner and then sat around the warm fire.

It was a nice weekend but I was worn out Sunday afternoon when we got home. I am not sure why we really didn’t do anything. I am thinking we will be going back if the guys will let us. ;)