Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekend Fun

This past weekend the boys went to the deer lease and we went to my aunts for the weekend.
We left Friday night and went to meet our newest little family member.
Saturday Heather met up with us and we went to our cousins for the day. Heather and I bought the same shirt at Grapevest a couple of weekends ago and when she should up we were both wearing ours shirts. We were Twinkies for the day.

Aydrie and Ace really weren’t sure what to think of their new cousin.

Ace had fun checking out Dawson’s toys.  His bedding and room is so cute! You can kind of see it in the picture.
We had a little fun with Heather’s camera. We ended up getting some cute pics.

Later that night we ran to the store and saw Colby Lewis at Kroger. He walked right passed us. He kind of looked like he was in a bad mood or mad…for having to run to the store. So, we were afraid to say something to him or ask for a pic with him. Of course we get in the car and call our dad and them and they wanted to know how we knew it was him. We were not the only ones in the store that were looking at him. We should have got a pic! Haha! We can go anywhere and have fun! We enjoyed our visit with our family!
Sunday we did a little shopping had some lunch and did some more shopping. We all found the cutest scarves at Target for $5.00 and we all left with some cute scarves. I am still not sure why they were on clearance for $5! They are so cute!
Ace was worn out.
It was a fun weekend!

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