Friday, October 26, 2012


Yay! It’s Friday!
This past weekend I finally got my got my banner up my mom made for me. Ace Brady was a little disappointed when I took down his birthday stuff a couple of weekends ago. He kept saying “no, my birthday”. 
We took our family pictures at Jared and Yaya’s house this past weekend and of course we had to go around and see all the creatures they have out there. Ace loves going out there.
I finally tried the sock bun last week and love it. It is so easy and fun. A perfect hair style for dirty hair. Haha! And a perfect hair style for windy day. It was windy last Sunday when we took our pictures so a sock bun it was…of course it wasn’t as good as the one I did the day before but it worked.
Heather rockin the sock bun this week.

So, this fall I started watching two new I really needed.  666 Park Avenue and Nashville.  They are pretty good shows.  I just hope they don't get cancelled after the first season like my Pan Am did.


Aydrie Rose brought home this pumpkin from school and Ace thinks it is his. We put it on the mantel and every time he sees it he says my pumpkin. 

This weekend we are headed to the deer lease with the boys.  We shall see how that turns out.  We have lots of warm clothes packed because it is finally feeling like fall here but I am sure it will not last too long.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Jordan Haskovec said...

how do you do that sock bun??? I can do a regular bun, and I've been sporting it at least once a week... but I want a fuller bun like that!!

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