Monday, October 1, 2012

Rainy Weekend

Happy October 1st!

This past weekend started out with Ace's 2nd birthday.  I plan on doing a separate post on that later this week but here is the birthday boy enjoying his cake cake...what he calls a cup cake.

Saturday morning we woke up to rain and it rained all day long!  So, we were really lazy and laid around the house all day.  We got all the birthday decorations down and Ace kept saying no my birthday...he didn't want me to take down his decorations.  I finally was able to get everything down.  I did decide to keep the decoration on the mantel up because they were to cute to leave up for just one night.  I plan on getting my fall decorations out next weekend and taking these down.

Ace enjoyed playing with his gifts he got for his birthday. He also enjoyed laying in my bed watching Mickey Mouse.

We took a couple of naps and got my for dinner. It was a great Saturday!

Sunday we had plans to go to Canton but we woke up to more rain.  So, we decided not to go.  The one month we make plans to go it would rain.  I had my list we are going to have to wait till next month.  We stayed at home most of the day and then decided to go out to to eat and get some yummy yogurt.  We found another yogurt spot and I am thinking it may turn into a weekend thing.

We ended our Sunday at the park visiting the ducks.  Aydrie and Ace love doing this.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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