Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekend Fun

Friday night Jared and Yaya stopped by for a minute and they left with this little boy. He was so excited he was going to Yaya’s. He packed all kinds of toys and books and of course he had to bring his pillow. He had fun and made it through the night. We are now giving Yaya a hard time because Ace slept on the floor at her house so obviously that is when he got bit by something. Ha…just kidding Yaya.
Saturday Austin had a tennis tournament. So, we spent our morning watching him. He ended up getting second place!  I am so ready for fall to get was hot Saturday! 


Saturday night we had a girls night. We originally had it planned for Friday night but changed it to Saturday. Earlier in the week Heather found the perfect bridesmaid dress so Saturday we all went and ordered ours. After that we went and had dinner at Chuys. I have never been to Chuys…it was really good. We had a good time!

Hope your weekend was good!


Dianna said...

I LOVE the salsa at Chuy's!

Jordan Haskovec said...

Had so much fun on Saturday!! I love that picture of us at Chuy's, but kinda sad the "Heather's Party" with my reflection didn't make it... haha!!

Courtney and Heather said...

@Jordan since you said something I will post it!

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