Monday, September 24, 2012


Today this little boy was sick and I stayed home with him again.

He started feeling bad Saturday afternoon.  At first I just thought he was being fussy and needed a nap.  Well he ended up falling asleep around 1:00 and woke up a couple of hours later with fever and complaining his leg was hurting and then ended up falling asleep again.

We finally saw that something had bit his leg and it was swollen and looked infected. Sorry for the gross pictures.

Ace was feeling bad and running fever Saturday afternoon and through out the night.  He ended up getting sick twice Saturday night.  He had not eaten anything since Saturday morning so we were really starting to worry about him and his leg was looking worse.  He would not stand or walk on it and would cry if you even got near it and he was sleeping a lot.

Sunday morning we decided to take him in to a CareNow.  That was our first CareNow experience and it went well.  We left there with two prescriptions.  The doctor said that it looked like some kind of bite and it had gotten infected.   He slept most of the day Sunday and was still running fever so I knew I could not send him to the sitters.

Today we took it easy and the meds seem to be working.  His fever is gone and he is getting around a lot better. Poor baby boy was limping every where by this afternoon.  I am just glad the meds are working.  He is still saying his leg hurts but he is a least talking and laughing and getting around.

We are hoping this little boy feels 100 times better by Friday because it's his birthday!! 

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