Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday Funday

Yesterday our sitter had the day off so I got to say home with Ace Brady.  We got up bright and early and got Austin and Aydrie to school.  We had breakfast in bed and then to my surprise we fell back to sleep.

We got to sleep in a and when we got up someone had breakfast again. Adam  picked up some french toast sticks earlier that morning and he decided he wanted them.  When he was done he had syrup all over him.  He had a bath righ after this.  He was covered from head to toe.

I spend my day off getting caught up on never ending laundry!  And cleaned a little. This little boy his very helpful these days and when he wants to help he says "help me".

Once we ate lunch and I got done cleaning I told him I wanted to rest and he ended up falling asleep.All night last night he kept saying "me rest".  He is talking so much these days.

Austin had his first tennis match yesterday. He played doubles and singles. He is doing so good. I am glad I was off and got to go and watch him.  His matches usually start between 4:00 and 4:30 so I am hoping I can take off work early on the days he plays.

It was a great Monday!

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