Friday, September 7, 2012


Happy Friday!
Well this week just flew by.
What have we been up to lately??  Well…lets see.
A couple of weeks ago we went to my cousins baby shower. It was a couple’s shower so the whole family was there. It was a nice get together and the new baby got lots of goodies. I only took one picture of these two.   They had fun running around together.
Austin and Aydrie started back to school. We now have a 2nd and 7th grader. I am still trying to adjust to our new back to school routine.
  Last week we went out to eat one night at a new restaurant in town. They have chicken salad and I have heard it was good so I had to go and try it out and it was so good. I love chicken salad! The best part is you get free ice cream…my kiddos loved that.
While I was out of town with my dad last weekend we FaceTimed with Austin and Ace. Ace loves to do this. We usually FaceTime aunt Yaya. It was a nice little treat.
While I was out of town with my dad Adam was at home with the kids by himself during the evenings. He sent me this pic on Saturday and Ace had all his toys out. This picture doesn’t even show half of them. This is definitely something that only happens while daddy is at home. Luckily, when I got home Sunday it was all picked up.
We visited with my dad some and these three kept us all entertained. All three of them love playing with these necklaces. I am sure one day Ace will love me for posting these pics.

Last Monday we had lunch at Adam’s parents to celebrate his moms birthday. We enjoyed BBQ and cake. Jayden and Ace had fun playing in papa’s hats like always.
Well…that just about catches you up to what has been happening around here.
Hope you have a good weekend!
life rearranged 

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